Royal Flags of Thailand

The Royal Flags of Thailand (Thai: ธงประจำพระองค์) are flags that are usually flown in Thailand along with the National flag to honor the King and Queen as well as the Royal Family of Thailand. Unlike the Royal Standards that are only displayed in special ceremonies and in particular locations, the royal flags are a ubiquitous sight all over Thailand. They are not commonly seen, however, outside of the country.

There are two main royal flags, one for the King of Thailand, Bhumibol Adulyadej, popularly known as the „Ninth king“ (Rama IX), and the other for Queen Sirikit. Both flags are in plain colors with their respective royal cyphers. Other members of the royal family, like Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn, Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn and Princess Chulabhorn Walailak also have their own plain-color flags, but these are not seen very often, except at ceremonies personally led by them.

The royal flags are not only used officially, but also unofficially. They are displayed by Thai citizens of any social class or background at any location, usually beside the Thai flag, as a homage to their King and Queen. Honoring the royal family is a characteristic feature of Thai culture.

These flags are sold at most small stores and grocery stores in every town and village of Thailand. They come in many different sizes. Usually the symbol is printed only on one side of the flag.

The King’s flag is in yellow, the color of Monday, the day of his birth. It always has a symbol in the middle. There are a variety of symbols, but recently most king’s flags have either the symbol marking his 80th birthday or the one commemorating the 60th anniversary of his accession to the throne.

Both emblems in the center of the flag are quite complex, involving Buddhist iconography and ancient royal symbols of authority as well, such as the multi-tiered white umbrella. The kings’s symbols are always topped by the royal crown. Sometimes light rays are emanating from the top of the crown, these are also an element of royal symbology. In simplified versions of the flag the central symbol may come simply outlined in red.

Yellow is the color identified with the king in Thailand. Many Thais like to wear yellow shirts as an informal homage to their king, especially on Mondays, the day of his birth.

King’s flag with Royal cypher „ภ.ป.ร.“ and crown

King’s flag with the symbol marking his 80th Anniversary in 2007.

King’s flags decorated with the Symbol marking the 60th anniversary of King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s accession to the throne

The Queen’s flag is in blue, the color of Friday, the day of her birth. Unlike the flag of the king, her flag has always the same symbol in the middle. The symbol is her acronym, the white letter intertwined with the dark blue letter, below a yellow or golden royal crown, sometimes with a pink scroll with Thai writing underneath. In simplified versions of the flag this symbol may come simply outlined in white on the blue ground. This flag is mostly displayed around August, the month of the Queen’s birth.

Flag of Queen Sirikit of Thailand, blue flag with her acronym „ส.ก.“ under the royal crown.

Queen Sirikit’s flag with the king’s flag and the flags of Thailand.

A picture of Queen Sirikit with Thai flags and flags of her 72nd Anniversary in 2004.